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You can rest assured knowing that you’re in good hands when you choose Gaitros Dental for your dental care. We take personal care to give you an efficient cleaning, remove painful molars or straighten teeth with top-of-the line braces.

We accept most insurance plans and are PPO providers for Delta Dental and Cigna insurances, so you can save time and money by calling us!

Tooth Restoration

How Can You Restore a Cavity in Your Tooth?

Gaitros Dental has the answer for you! We do excellent dental restorations. You can visit us to get decayed or fractured teeth filled.

Types of Fillings Used in Dental Restorations

  • Composite fillings: A composite filling is a tooth-colored material that is used to correct a decayed, cracked, broken or worn tooth.
  • Silver amalgam filling: A silver amalgam filling is a dental filling material used to fill cavities caused by decay, cracks, fractures, etc. The silver filling has been used for more than 150 years.

Restore Your Beautiful Smile With Dental Crowns

Do you have a damaged or partially broken tooth? Consult the staff at Gaitros Dental and get a dental crown made just for you. A crown, also known as a cap, can be sculpted to closely imitate the look of natural tooth enamel, while also implementing strength and elasticity.

Zirconia crowns are recommended when recreating the shape and function of a damaged tooth, as it replaces the entire external portion of the tooth down to the gum level. Zirconia is the strongest of dental crowns and looks exactly like your natural teeth, thereby giving you a confident smile. So what are you waiting for? Call us today!


Get Dentures to Compensate for Missing Teeth

Whether you have some missing teeth or have lost all your teeth due to age or other factors, a denture is the most appropriate alternative for you. Gaitros Dental provides both partial and complete dentures.

Different Types of Dentures

  • Complete dentures: Used when all of the teeth are missing.
  • Conventional complete denture: Made after the tooth has been extracted and the gum tissue has healed. During this process, the patient will go without teeth for several months.
  • Immediate dentures: Made in advance and immediately placed after the removal of the teeth
  • Partial dentures: Used when some natural teeth remain. Partial dentures fill the spaces created by missing teeth and prevent other teeth from shifting.

Need a Dental Implant? Visit Gaitros Dental Today!

A dental implant is the preferred choice for when you have a missing tooth, or for when a tooth is decayed and beyond saving. We not only restore the implants in our office, but place them as well so you don’t have to go to multiple offices. Call Gaitros Dental and schedule an appointment to get your implant.

Dental implants can be placed in the upper and lower jaw. Once placed in the jaw, the implant acts as an artificial root onto which a crown or denture can be attached.

Three Major Parts of a Dental Implant:

A dental implant has 3 parts – implant, abutment, and crown.


A small titanium screw is inserted into your jawbone. Titanium is a metal accepted by the body and heals together with the bone tissue to form a new, stable tooth root.


An abutment is a ceramic or titanium component that ensures a secure fit between the dental implant and the crown.


Once the dental implant and the abutment are in place, we fit the crown, the bridge or the prosthesis.



Orthodontic Treatments for Adults and Children

Braces are a great orthodontic treatment to fix crooked or misaligned teeth. Gaitros Dental provides braces for both adults and children. Treatment and retention times vary depending on each individual case.

We’ll ensure that you have a successful treatment for a beautiful smile that can last a lifetime.

Orthodontic treatments not only help straighten your teeth, giving you an appealing smile, but also contribute to the health of your jaw, teeth and overall health.

When and Why Should You Get Braces?

  • Breathing or swallowing problems: Mouth breathing can lead to snoring and sleep apnea.
  • Crossbite: One or more upper teeth bite inside the lower teeth (towards the tongue).
  • Crowding: Involving extra teeth or malpositioned teeth.
  • Deep overbite: The lower front teeth bite into the upper tissue of the upper teeth.
  • Disfiguring of the face and mouth: Affects the development of the jaw and position of the teeth
  • Missing or extra teeth: Due to tooth decay, injuries or inherited problems.
  • Self-image: An attractive smile can boost a person’s self-image and confidence.
  • Spacing between teeth: Teeth are missing or may be too small or too large.
  • Jaw and jaw joint pain.
  • Finger or thumb-sucking: These habits can cause protrusion of the upper incisor teeth and mouth breathing.
  • Teeth erupting out of position: Can be guided to proper alignment.

Clear Aligner Alternative to Braces

A clear aligner, like Invisalign, may be the right alternative to braces for you. This option straightens teeth with a series of clear aligners similar to a retainer, and are lower maintenance than traditional braces.


When is an Invisalign clear aligner an option?

  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Crossbite
  • Tooth gap
  • Crowded teeth

Contact us for a consultation to learn if an Invisalign clear aligner is right for you.

Periodontal Disease

Protect Your Teeth From Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease attacks the gums and the bone around the teeth. Plaque is a sticky deposit on the teeth on which bacteria multiply and, if left unattended, transforms into calculus (tartar). They progressively destroy the bone and gums in the mouth.

If gums are swollen, red and bleeding, it may be a sign of periodontal disease. A regular full tooth cleaning is the best preventative measure for this disease.

To get your periodontal disease treated or to get preventative treatments, get in touch with the qualified staff at Gaitros Dental.

Risk Factors in Periodontal Diseases

  • Smoking
  • Hormonal changes in girls/women
  • Diabetes
  • Other illnesses and their treatment
  • Medication
  • Genetic susceptibility

Symptoms of Gum Diseases

  • Bad breath
  • Red or swollen gums
  • Bleeding gums
  • Trouble in chewing
  • Loose and/or sensitive teeth
  • Receding gums or longer appearing teeth

Comprehensive Dental Corrections and Modifications

  • Fillings
  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Implants
  • Dentures
  • Partials
  • Restoration
  • Extractions
  • Traditional braces
  • Non-surgical braces
  • Non-extraction braces

A Wide Range of Dental Treatments

  • Cleaning
  • Teeth whitening
  • Root canals
  • Endodontics
  • TMJ treatment
  • Wisdom tooth removal
  • Periodontal therapy
  • Oral cancer screenings