Teeth Cleaning Decatur Il

Teeth Cleaning Decatur Il

Gaitros Dental Center has made teeth cleaning in Decatur, IL an affordable service for patients of all ages. Whether you’re new to Decatur and looking for a new dentist or are thinking about switching dental care providers, you’ll find we are able to meet your dental care needs, in full. We believe routine dental cleanings should be affordable for every patient, and we’ve seen first hand how scheduled cleanings and checkups benefit patients by preventing more serious issues from arising. Book your next Decatur, IL teeth cleaning with our friendly staff.

What To Expect During Your Next Teeth Cleaning at Gaitros Dental Center

If it’s been some time since your last visit to a dentist, we’ll want to take x-rays of your teeth to look for issues under the gumline and inside of your teeth. Modern imaging uses far less radiation and poses no health concerns for the patient- imaging is painless, too! After your panoramic x-ray, our dentist will sit down with you and discuss what your dental images show; we’ll create a personal dental care plan to help you keep your smile healthy and beautiful. Restorative and cosmetic dental services are available to improve and enhance your smile.

Maintenance Visits

As a regular patient at Gaitros Dental Center, you may only require routine cleanings and checkups to maintain your smile. We’ll schedule your teeth cleaning in 2-4 times per year, depending on your individual needs. Twice daily brushing and flossing can reduce the number of times you need to see our staff every year; we can offer professional brushing and flossing tips that can significantly impact the effectiveness of your at-home dental care routine.

A Typical Visit to Gaitros Dental Center

Checkups and cleanings are the most common reasons patients visit our dental clinic, second only to pro-grade teeth whitening in Decatur, IL. We work hard to provide affordable teeth cleaning in Decatur, IL so that treatment remains budget-friendly for individuals and families. Expect the following treatment during your next teeth cleaning:

  1. A warm, friendly welcome when you walk through the door
  2. A comfortable lobby with a short wait time
  3. The opportunity to brush before your dental cleaning
  4. Gentle, thorough cleaning and x-rays when necessary
  5. Tooth polishing and fluoride treatments
  6. Patient education when requested
  7. Instructions on how to maintain your smile
  8. Affordable options for cosmetic procedures

Why Are Teeth Cleanings So Important?

Your scheduled checkups and cleanings keep you and everyone in your household on track, so that minor dental issues don’t have the chance to develop into serious problems. Regular tooth and gum imaging gives our dental staff a clear view of what’s going on behind the scenes, so we can address tooth decay or gum disease at the earliest stages.

You’ll make a great first impression when your smile is healthy and bright; the good news is, it costs less than you think. Compare the affordable costs of teeth cleaning in Decatur, IL with restorative or cosmetic dentistry and you’ll see how much money you’ll save over time by avoiding more serious problems through preventive dental care. Contact Gaitros Dental Center today at 217-875-5020 to request an appointment.

Teeth Cleaning Decatur Il

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