Wisdom Teeth Removal Decatur Il

Wisdom Teeth Removal Decatur Il

About 90 percent of people develop wisdom teeth before they are 25. If not removed, wisdom teeth can cause your dental structure to develop problems. Every adult has approximately four wisdom teeth. However, it is not uncommon for dentists to treat patients with up to 9 wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth extraction in Decatur, IL

Wisdom teeth typically form between the ages of 17 and 25. This is usually the best time to visit a doctor for removal because the wisdom teeth do not have roots. Wisdom teeth removal in Decatur IL may not be necessary if they are not affecting your existing teeth.

A typical wisdom teeth removal procedure starts with a walk-in consultation, which may involve an examination of the teeth to determine the best treatment option.

There are two ways to prepare for the procedure:

  • Using anesthesia
  • Using laughing gas

Using anesthesia

In this procedure, the surgeon prescribes antibiotics before the appointment. You are not advised to eat or drink at least six hours before the procedure. The surgeon starts by administering anesthesia for pain management. Dental surgeons often recommend sedation for complex dental surgeries. 

Your mouth may feel a little sore once you wake up. You may also feel light-headed because of the strong anesthesia. Consider having someone drive you home after getting your wisdom teeth removed.

Using laughing gas

Laughing gas numbs the whole mouth making the procedure painless. You will see and hear everything happening to your teeth during the procedure. A dental surgeon will use a surgical drill to bore around the wisdom tooth before pulling it out. Some patients find the vibration and chattering of the tools a bit irritating. Fortunately, inhaling laughing gas calms your senses throughout the procedure.

Post-surgical oral care

Patients often experience some discomfort after wisdom teeth removal surgery. Dental surgeons in Decatur, IL, often prescribe post-surgery medication to manage pain. Commonly prescribed painkillers include:

  • Vicodin
  • Hydrocodone
  • Percocet
  • Oxycodone

A combination of Tylenol and ibuprofen may help to manage pain. Consult your dental surgeon for the right dosage of the two painkillers. 

Patients should expect some bleeding during the first few days. Your dental surgeon will probably prescribe absorbent gauze to bite into and stop the bleeding. Another simple home remedy is sucking on a wet tea bag. Tea leaves have natural coagulants to stop the bleeding. 

Eat soft foods for the first four days to give the gums time to heal before you can start eating solid foods again. In addition, consume drinks at room temperature. Excessively hot or cold beverages may irritate the gums and cause pain. 

Why choose us?

We are a team of dedicated dental specialists in Decatur, IL. Our oral health specialists have carried out many successful wisdom tooth removal procedures. In addition, they have many years of experience, which means they can handle all types of teeth removal procedures.

Call us if you need WiOral and maxillofacial surgery in Decatur, IL. We have a team of trained and certified dental specialists. In addition, we provide free first-time consultation in our facility, online, or through a phone call. Please contact Gaitros Dental Center at 217-875-5020 to schedule an appointment.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Decatur Il

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